About Us

Nest Outdoor Furniture was founded in Melbourne in 2013. Over the past decade, we have emerged as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of outdoor furniture. Our network of partner dealers spans the entire country, supported by our own warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to our retail outlets nationwide. Organizing everything from furniture design, importing, warehousing and warranty support. With our local warehouses we provide local stock sales and facilitate direct container orders from the factory on FOB terms.

Nest Outdoor Furniture, as the exclusive distributor of GYMS Furniture in Australia. GYMS outdoor Furniture Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in outdoor series. We have been in the outdoor industry for over 25 years. With two production facilities totaling over 40,000 square meters of factory space, we possess the capacity to ship up to 100 containers per month. We export USD $35 million annually to all corners of the globe including Australia, USA, UAE and Europe.

Our tight collaboration with partner retail outlets and direct link to our factories ensures the development of products perfectly tailored to the local market. Our products embody a deep understanding of local preferences.

We design in Australia for Australian customers.

Backed by a close partnership with our factories, we ensure timely feedback loops from design to production, maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation. At Nest Outdoor Furniture, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and service, empowering our partners in the competitive retail landscape.